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Clear Sky Addition and Heroes Park

Get to know your neighbors again! Clear Sky Addition is a single-family residential development in the city of Bismarck. What makes us different? Nowadays almost all developments have multi-family, apartments, and commercial properties all sharing the same roads. In Clear Sky, we want to create the feeling of a real neighborhood where you know who’s driving down your street and walking down your sidewalks.


We recognize, as developers, the reason we get to do what we do is directly related to those who served on our behalf. We want to recognize some of these Heroes! Therefore, we named all of our streets after local fallen heroes from the North Dakota Army National Guard who served in the Global War on Terrorism. We also plan to dedicate our park as Heroes Park to honor all of these heroes. We invite you to be part of this great new community!

More information and progress photos will be added to the site as available. Check back often!


To learn more about Clear Sky Addition and Heroes Park, watch this video!

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