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FRF Investments, LLP, a North Dakota limited liability partnership (“Declarant”) is the sole owner of the following parcels of real property (“Property”), located in the County of Burleigh, State of North Dakota, as follows:


Clear Sky Addition, located in part of Government Lots 6 and 7, and part of the East Half of the Southwest Quarter (E1/2SW1/4) including Lot 1 of Lot “A” and Lot 2 of Lot “A” of said Southwest Quarter, all in Section 6, Township 138 N., Range 79 W., including the following lots:


Lots 1 through 51, Block 1

Lots 1 through 11, Block 2

Lots 1 through 22, Block 3

Lots 1 through 15, Block 4

Lots 1 through 16, Block 5

Lots 1 through 16, Block 6

Lots 1 through 16, Block 7

Lots 1 through 21, Block 8

Lots 1 through 29, Block 9

Lots 1 through 16, Block 10

Lots 1 through 16, Block 11.


Declarant intends to preserve lot values by assuring harmony, consistency, and quality in improvements, appearance, and use of lots in the Property. Therefore, Declarant does hereby create, declare and establish, the following restrictive covenants upon the Property, which restrictive covenants shall run with the land and shall remain in full force and effect upon all persons claiming under them from the date these restrictive covenants are recorded, unless amended or terminated as set forth herein.  These restrictive covenants are established for, and shall inure to the benefit of, the Declarant, and Declarant’s assigns and successors in interest, as the present and future owners of the Property.


Any violation, attempt to violate, or omission to perform any of the covenants as hereinafter set forth shall entitle, and it shall be lawful for, any person owning real property in the Property, to institute and prosecute proceedings at law or in equity for any failure to abide by, or to comply with, the covenants.


            THEREFORE, the following restrictive covenants are declared and imposed against the Property: "click on this link for the full Restrictive Covenants document."

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